Product Description

Brand new Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob. 54mm or 2.12 inches Diameter. Transparent Amber with Seven Red Stars in Knob and smooth to the touch light scratch resistant. (please email us for many other selection we have 1-7 stars dragon ball z knobs)

This is for a high quality threaded shift knob. Our knobs are made with a threaded metal insert in them, no plastic threads that can be crack or damaged and become useless. 

*Installation Note: Never bottom out the shift knob on the shifter when tightening. Only tighten against the jam nut. Bottoming out may break the knob!  Bottoming out may damage the knob which is NOT COVERED by warranty!

No set screws! No Cheap Plastic used!





Package Included:
1x Dragon ball gear shift knob
Color: Orange