Product Description

Replica Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE ZD is an OLED multi-display. This product needs to be connected to the Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit included in this listing.

What’s in the Box?

1 x Advance ZD Link Display Unit with Toughened Glass
1 x Advance Control Unit (Updated model)
1 x Oil Pressure Sensor Set
1 x Fuel Pressure Sensor Set
1 x Oil Temp Sensor Set
1 x Water Temp Sensor Set
1 x Exhaust Temp Sensor set
1 x Boost sensor set
1 x Mounting stand
1 x Manual and Warranty Card
ZD Advance 4
By linking to the Defi-Link ADVANCE System, Up to 6 kinds of information is displayed all together in one screen.

This product provides information on speed, engine speed, volt, clock, and so on. By connecting sensors, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust temperature are also displayed.
Parts No. DF09701

*Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit is necessary to operate ADVANCE ZDs.

*Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE ZD is expressed as ADVANCE ZD or ZD.

*The value of turbo, boost, and intake-manifold pressure cannot be displayed on a single ADVANCE ZD screen at one time.

Main specifications, functions, and features


ADVANCE Control Unit necessary

Commercial attachment necessary

Display color: amber

Illumination: auto

OLED panel

Indicator output

Built-in indicators

Driving data can be recorded & replayed

Opening mode/Ending mode

Warm-up function

Applicable number of cylinders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8

Mounting bracket attached
Note: The product of Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM cannot be connected with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM. It is not compatible with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM. Sensors are common in ADVANCE system and Defi-Link System except turbo sensor, but sensor wires are the same throughout all Defi models.

Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit is necessary to operate ADVANCE CR gauges.