Product Description

Gias II – Seats sold in Single Items (Passenger and Drivers side is interchangeable)

Like the Stradia seats in shape, but these seats have larger bolsters for enhanced grip and holding in the seat.
Gias II feature one-touch reclining system with 40 positions. It as well features the Low Max System for lower seating positioning.
The Gias II use an aluminum frame along with Carbon Fiber shell for light weight rigidity and support.

This is your versatile seat, for street car to comfortable race bucket like seat.

An active comfort model, GIASⅡ& STRADIAⅡ equipped with the rigidity of full bucket, and the preeminent holding performance

●Aluminum frame
●Fiberglass shell
●5 colors(Gradation Logo/Black Logo/Red Logo/Blue Logo/Black)
●Resistance-to-flame cloth
●Standard cushion / low cushion
●A safety standard model
●Made in Japan
●Weight(Carbon Fiber):11.9kg